Jesus Salas with Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez (to left)

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 –There’s a lot more to a man than the rewards he receives, the accolades that fall upon his name.  However, it’s sure worth noting when a man like Jesus Salas Miami is the recipient of two high-profile awards, in addition to carrying a great reputation through the radio industry.

2012 was a big year for Jesus Salas Miami – a very big year.  Not only did the Spanish Broadcasting Systems Executive Vice President of Programming take home Radio Ink’s “Programmer of the Year” award, but he’ll also be walking into 2013 with another honor about his shoulders…

Jesus Salas Miami is the proud recipient of Monitor Latino’s Recognition of Achievement.  For those who are outside the industry, Monitor Latino is the equivalent of Billboard for the Latin music industry.  Tracking the airplay of singles throughout the United States and Mexico, Monitor Latino is the authority on “who’s who” and “what’s what” in the Latin music industry.

For Jesus Salas Miami to receive the Monitor Latino Recognition of Achievement 2012 award is a big deal.  Of course, it’s an honor to receive an award of this nature any time.  However, 2012 is an important year for Jesus Salas Miami.  The year marks his 20th anniversary in the music industry!

Jesus Salas Miami first got his start at WXDJ-FM Miami where was an on-air personality.  Then, at the young age of 19, he was promoted to be the Program Director at WXDJ-FM.  His career hasn’t looked back since.

When considering all of the possible ways he could celebrate 20 years of life in the music industry, few options are more appealing to Jesus Salas Miami than receiving the Monitor Latino Recognition of Achievement award.

As for now, Jesus Salas Miami intends to continue working as hard as he can.  And, who knows… he might just earn the prestigious award one or two more times in his future!

Jesus Salas Miami is proud to have been honored by Radio Ink as the Medallas de Cortez Programmer of the Year 2012.  As a radio programmer with more than twenty years of experience under his belt, this award comes as a tremendous honor for Jesus Salas Miami.  Years of hard work, and flexibility (Jesus Salas Miami switched from FM to XM and back again) make him a noteworthy candidate. He hopes to be a viable candidate yet again in 2013.

Jesus Salas Miami – A Strong Leader

Those who know Jesus Salas Miami may use a host of different adjectives and phrases to describe him.  However, there’s one phrase that’s sure to come up again and again: “strong leader.”  If Jesus Salas Miami is anything, he’s a strong leader.

Jesus Salas on TV
Jesus Salas on TV interview

At the young age of 19, Jesus Salas Miami was promoted from an on-air personality to Program Director at WXDJ-FM Miami.  As if 19 weren’t at a young enough age to be a radio DJ, the management team at WXDJ-FM recognized Jesus Salas Miami as worthy of even more responsibility.

As the station’s Program Director, Jesus Salas Miami oversaw the various station operations and monitored the DJs’ performances.  He excelled in this leadership role and quickly moved on his career to new levels of achievement.

Today, in 2012, Jesus Salas Miami is the Executive Vice President of Programming at Spanish Broadcasting Systems (also in Miami).  His leadership responsibilities at SBS are multifold, ranging from basic management and organization tasks to inspiring teams to get behind sales and marketing initiatives.

What may seem to be an insurmountable obstacle for some executives is but another day in the office for Jesus Salas Miami.  Of course, earning his reputation as a strong leader was no small task.  Though Jesus Salas Miami does have a natural talent for leadership, he had to hone and cultivate his skills over two decades in order to become the leader that he is today.

Jesus Salas Miami believes that while it’s possible to be talented in the realm of leadership, no one is a “natural leader.”  Even the best leaders have to practice for years and go through many trials in order to earn the respect of others.  Though Jesus Salas Miami has come a long way, he still feels that he has much to learn as a leader.