Jesus Salas Miami – A Strong Leader

Jesus Salas Miami – A Strong Leader

Those who know Jesus Salas Miami may use a host of different adjectives and phrases to describe him.  However, there’s one phrase that’s sure to come up again and again: “strong leader.”  If Jesus Salas Miami is anything, he’s a strong leader.

Jesus Salas on TV
Jesus Salas on TV interview

At the young age of 19, Jesus Salas Miami was promoted from an on-air personality to Program Director at WXDJ-FM Miami.  As if 19 weren’t at a young enough age to be a radio DJ, the management team at WXDJ-FM recognized Jesus Salas Miami as worthy of even more responsibility.

As the station’s Program Director, Jesus Salas Miami oversaw the various station operations and monitored the DJs’ performances.  He excelled in this leadership role and quickly moved on his career to new levels of achievement.

Today, in 2012, Jesus Salas Miami is the Executive Vice President of Programming at Spanish Broadcasting Systems (also in Miami).  His leadership responsibilities at SBS are multifold, ranging from basic management and organization tasks to inspiring teams to get behind sales and marketing initiatives.

What may seem to be an insurmountable obstacle for some executives is but another day in the office for Jesus Salas Miami.  Of course, earning his reputation as a strong leader was no small task.  Though Jesus Salas Miami does have a natural talent for leadership, he had to hone and cultivate his skills over two decades in order to become the leader that he is today.

Jesus Salas Miami believes that while it’s possible to be talented in the realm of leadership, no one is a “natural leader.”  Even the best leaders have to practice for years and go through many trials in order to earn the respect of others.  Though Jesus Salas Miami has come a long way, he still feels that he has much to learn as a leader.