How to Get Involved in Education by Jesus Salas

Kids who are in school right now are the thinkers, leaders, and doers of tomorrow. But in many places in the United States, the education system simply isn’t receiving the support and resources it needs to provide students with the guidance they need to excel. Jesus Salas, who recently participated in his Miami community’s Principal Day initiative, suggests the following ways that you can get involved in your community’s schools, whether or not you’re a parent.

Jesus Salas
Jesus Salas with Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

Be a Tutor

Many students today don’t have family members who have the time to help them with their homework after school. If you have a talent for reading, math, or any other subject, think about volunteering your time to help kids brush up on concepts they need to spend a little extra time with. Even if your algebra days are long gone and you couldn’t tell a coordinating conjunction from a transitive verb if your life depended on it, consider helping kids manage their time by showing them the value of making schedules.

Attend School Meetings

As a tax-paying member of your community, you have the right to be involved in school board meetings. Just by showing up, you’ll show administrators that you care about the quality of your community’s education. Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion about the issues that you feel matter the most. If you’re a parent, joining a PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) can give an extra boost to your administrative involvement.

Support Leadership and Development

This is an avenue for you to push for quality education with your wallet. Help establish scholarship funds to send teachers to workshops and conferences. Or, create a funding pool for students who want to attend outside educational programs they might not be able to afford themselves. This type of fund can also help students cover the cost of college applications.

Stay Informed

It’s especially important for supporters of public schools to stay informed about what’s going on in the government when it comes to education. Currently, many states have bills in their legislative branches that seek to limit certain aspects of instruction, or that are cutting funding from various program. Know what issues are up for vote in your community. If there’s a ballot initiative in your community that affects education, get out and vote.

Talk to Your Schools

Principal Day is just one of many community initiatives that bring individuals and schools together to improve educational opportunities and access. Get in touch with your local schools to see how you can best support them, and what options are available for volunteering or other involvement.


Jesus Salas with Chairman Commissioner Sosa
Jesus Salas with Chairman Commissioner Rebeca Sosa distributing toys with Santa.

Jesus Salas Joins Toy Giveaway for Less Fortunate

Jesus Salas was the Master of Ceremony for the Children and Youth Life Christmas event toy giveaway. This event began 16 years ago for disabled, terminally ill and disadvantaged children to be able to experience a Magical Christmas that due to dire needs they would never have had. The foundation President Lillian Vila along with Dr. Garcia have worked diligently to make this event a success each year.

“A lot of these children do not have a long life due to medical illness or condition and this is a chance to put a smile on these beautiful children” Jesus Salas said.

For Jesus Salas, charity and kindness are traits that are a part of regular, everyday life. Always willing to help someone out of a jam, Jesus Salas will put aside anything in order to help your situation.

Jesus Salas with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Victore
Jesus Salas with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Victore

As a highly successful achiever, Jesus Salas knows that there’s a lot to be said for hard work. However, Jesus Salas doesn’t put so much stock in hard work that he forgets about the role of charity. After all, not everyone can turn around their immediate situation with a good dose of hard work. Some people are truly down on their luck, and need a helping hand to pull them up and get them “back in the game.”

Jesus Salas Giving Toys
Jesus Salas Giving Toys

Currently, Jesus Salas is in the process of planning a Gentlemen’s Night Fund raiser for this coming April that will benefit the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation. As the event’s co-chair, Jesus Salas Miami has a lot of organizational and strategic responsibilities. Fortunately for Jesus Salas Miami (and the Foundation) those are his strengths!

Jesus Salas with Lillian Vila of Children Youth Life Foundation
Jesus Salas with Lillian Vila of Children Youth Life Foundation
Jesus Salas with Fanny Navarro animal trainer Zoo Miami (former Metro-Zoo)
Jesus Salas with Fanny Navarro animal trainer Zoo Miami (former Metro-Zoo)

Jesus Salas serves as Executive Vice President of Programming at Spanish Broadcasting Systems while doing all of the other things Jesus Salas enjoys. In 2012 alone, Jesus Salas Miami received two high-profile industry awards, adopted a new pet, and has been busy as a volunteer.

Jesus Salas at the Miami Dade Public School Juvenile Justice Center
Jesus Salas (right) and Steven W. Payne Jr.

Location: Miami, FL

Jesus Salas is honored to announce that he was chosen to serve as Principal for a Day in the Miami-Dade County school system. A professional in communications, Jesus Salas believes in investing time and energy in children and their education.

“Education is a huge part of the opportunity to excel personally and professionally for kids today,” said Jesus Salas. “Investing in education means investing in the economy, and helping the leaders of the future achieve success.”

Principal Day gives over 400 business and community leaders the opportunity to see firsthand a day in the life of a Miami-Dade County public school. In conjunction with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, small business owners, corporate executives and elected officials can translate their ideas and interests into direct resources for schools.

As Principal for a Day, Jesus Salas had the chance to participate in the daily activities of students at the Miami Dade County Public School Juvenile Justice Center. Here, he was greeted warmly by Site Administrator Mr. Steven W. Payne Jr, and then received a whirlwind tour of the school, visiting classes and interacting with students. Jesus Salas provided assistance to students and teachers in the realm of technology, provided motivational exercises, and told the kids about his own work in a question and answer section.

“The students were very attentive in our conversations and interactions,” Jesus Salas remarked. “Future goals and dreams are a big part of their lives, and they wanted to know more about how they can achieve those goals. The students were very interested in the entertainment business, in particular, and I answered questions about getting into various aspects of the field, from writing, rapping, singing and acting, to wanting to take business administration classes. It was an excellent experience.”

A proponent of excellence in education and community service in general, Jesus Salas valued the learning experience, and hopes to continue his involvement with the school. At the end of the school day, Jesus Salas met with the Superintendent Daryl Borroff Wolf. Superintendent Wolf invited Jesus Salas to join the Advisory committee for the Center, an offer that he was delighted to receive.

About: Jesus Salas is the Executive Vice President of Programming at Spanish Broadcasting Systems.